Summer is over

Sadly, summer is finally over. The warm weather and sunny days have disappeared to leave us with grey skies, high winds and heavy rain. And the forecast is for more to come.

We had a lovely September and October with warm days and some much needed showers. Perfect conditions to make the grass grow. The earth is still warm so with this rain the grass is still growing but can’t be cut because it’s just too wet. The geraniums, begonias, and other plants are still in flower and look so much happier for some rain.

The pool couldn’t be put to bed for the winter until the water had dropped to 15 degrees. It’s just dropped that low so David has removed the summer cover, put in the winter chemicals, and secured the winter cover. The garden and pool furniture has been put away and covered. All very sad. Roll on next summer!

Bookings for next summer have come in earlier than ever this year. We already have 8 weeks booked for next year and only 2 weeks left in the high season, both in July. But we’re available for bookings during May, early June and September onwards. We’ve held our prices for next year but are offering a supply of those consumables which guests don’t want to buy loads of, e.g. dishwasher tablets, toilet rolls, bin liners, etc.

Next thing is Christmas!