end of summer

Well – here we are 2nd October. And summer just goes on and on. The temperature early afternoon on our patio was 40 degrees. And the forecast suggests the sunshine and blue skies are not over yet. The pool is open and the temperature, although lower than mid summer, is still comfortable. Shorts and t-shirts are still the order of the day.

They have started the vendange. The white grapes were harvested a couple of weeks ago. But yesterday and today they have been harvesting the red, merlot, grapes in the vineyard that is next to our property. I have taken a photo of the huge machine that straddles the vines and removes the grapes, leaving the stalks still attached to the vines. They say it is going to be a good vintage this year. There was a lot of wet weather earlier in the year when the vines needed it most. And then when the grapes were well formed and big there has been the hot sunshine to ripen them. Perfect, apparently!

Our letting season is finished. Our last guests left last weekend. We have had a great summer season with wonderful people taking their holidays next door to us. And already we have 5 weeks booked for next year, two weeks of which have been booked by returning guests.

I’ve put in my winter flowering pansies so should have some good colour in the pots right through until next spring. And I’ve been putting in bulbs, daffodils and crocuses, although that is hard work as the ground is so hard. The geraniums and fuschias are still in flower and looking good. And the roses just keep on coming!

Long may it last!