January 2017

I haven’t added any news for far too long probably because nothing much changes. Our wonderful guests keep on coming. The reviews posted on the Owners Direct website continue to be good. And the bookings keep coming in.

But for now it’s quiet. January is here but with high pressure meaning vivid blue skies and warm sunshine in the afternoon. Yesterday we sat outside with our tea – in the sun it was lovely. But today started with a very heavy frost and freezing fog which coated the trees and bushes with a fine covering of white – very pretty. I took advantage of the sunshine yesterday and cleared out all the pots. With the mild weather up to and over Christmas, the geraniums continued to flower and the roses just kept on producing buds. But now the plants have finally realized that it’s winter so they’re all cut down and covered in the hope that they might reshoot next spring. The lemon and mandarin bushes are covered but if the sun shines I take the cover off during the day. The mandarin has over a dozen fruits which are not quite ready for picking so I’m hoping that the winter sunshine will help them on their way.

The cranes went over very late again in 2016. It was well into November and some flew over in December. The mild autumn and early winter must confuse them.

I’m having trouble with the availability calendar on the website. Although I update it with new bookings on Google Calendars, the bookings don’t show on the calendar on the website. I’ve done everything I can think of. So if you want to know about a specific date, you will have to contact me via the enquiry form.