First Day of Spring

So today is the first day of Spring. It’s 9 o’clock in the morning and outside the sky is blue. There’s not a cloud in the sky. Still a bit chilly but the temperature will rise through the day. Long may it last. Some of the cranes have flown over en route to Scandinavia for the summer but we haven’t noticed as many as in previous years. Perhaps we’ve missed them. Perhaps they’re staying down south for a bit longer.

It’s been a mild winter. February was almost as hot as summer. But we’ve had a fair bit of rain so it’s a bit muddy underfoot through the vines and woods. I had a long walk yesterday round the various plots of vines and through the woods – I had to take my jumper off half way round.

This winter we’ve had a six-month winter let. They’ve been so lucky with the weather and have enjoyed many walks in the winter sunshine. It’s been good to have somebody living next door throughout the winter.

But it’s still a bit too early to start the preparation for summer. We’re starting to think about it, however. What’s to be done? What do we need to buy? For sure we’ll need some more sun brolleys – they break with amazing regularity through the summer months mainly as they are left up and the wind blows them over. The patios will need to be jet washed, but before that the walled courtyard tiles need some repair. The water got underneath them and some of them have lifted. The winter cover will have to come off the pool; the pool will have to be cleaned several times. It’s mainly leaves that have caused the dirt during the winter – despite the winter cover they still seem to get underneath. Will we need to paint the walls round the pool? And then all the garden furniture will be placed – probably where it was last year as that always seems to work.

And then when our winter let couple leave us at the beginning of May we move inside and do whatever is needed in there to ensure that it is perfect for our first summer guests. Spring clean – paint – renew one or two items. It’s all go!

Then we can truly stand back, look round and say ‘Summer’s here’. We’re ready for our first summer guest – this year a couple who have visited us many times. In fact this coming summer we have three returning families. One family from Ireland who have been staying with us since 2008 – we’ve seen their family grow and now they’re like family. We look forward to welcoming them again this year.